What’s A Foam Party?

Foam parties are the newest addition to the Gamez on Wheelz lineup! Great for birthdays, grad parties, block parties, summer camps, youth group events, festivals, college parties, and more. People of all ages can enjoy dancing, frolicking, and playing in the mounds and mounds of thick bubbles, 3-4 feet deep.

Foam Party FAQ's

Really anyone can partake in the fun but younger participants need full adult supervision, especially under the age of 4.

Yes, the foam solution is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-staining, and hypoallergenic. We only use the highest quality products specifically designed for foam parties from professional vendors. Household detergents are not allowed to be run through our equipment. If you are sensitive to soaps, you may want to test a small area of foam on your skin prior to exposing your entire body to the foam.

Yes, however, we do not handle cleanup after indoor events. The foam will evaporate and leave behind a white, almost chalky residue that can be cleaned up easily with water.

The foam will naturally evaporate and the removal process can be expedited with water.